Art, Practices & Education

Sofie Muller

Fundamental changes are taking place in today’s society. These changes feed concerns that education will be facing new challenges, such as globalisation, democratisation, commercialisation, digitalisation, and technologisation, to highlight a few terms commonly used to describe the changes society is now facing.

The key question of this research group is to focus on the actual relation between of art education and these changes in society, and to focus on this relation in the future. In other words, what kinds of education will become possible or impossible? And what does this meanfor art education? How can art education play an inspiring role in the search for answers to the changes our society is facing?



  • Koenraad Hinnekint
  • Bert Vandenbussche
  • Nancy Vansieleghem
  • Maïté Baillieul
    Thomas Storme
    Teis De Greve 
    Lieve Dehasque


  • Maarten Van Luchene
  • Georgia Kokot
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