Blocked account procedure

The Blocked Account procedure can only be used by international students with non-EEA nationality who have been officially admitted to a degree programme at LUCA School of Arts and have received the official notification hereof. They are obliged by Belgian law to provide evidence of sufficient financial means to cover their study and living expenses for the duration of the studies. The blocked account procedure is one of three options that can be used to proof you have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Belgium and this procedure is being accepted by Belgium’s Migration Office. 

If you decide to go for this option, this implies that you choose to transfer the appropriate amount of money to the bank account of Luca School of Arts, that will in turn forward this amount on a monthly basis to your personal bank account in Belgium.

Calculation of 'means of stay amount' for student visa application (2018-2019):

So, depending on your period of stay at LUCA you should calculate the ‘blocked account’ amount differently:

Monthly amountExample full academic yearSingle650 EUR/month + 10€/month (handling fee)*
(1300 EUR for the first month) + 10€/month (handling fee)*8580 EUR
= (660 x 13)Married/Children1450 EUR/month + 10€/month (handling fee)*
(2900 EUR for the first month) + 10€/month (handling fee)*18980 EUR
= (1460 x 13)

€1320€ (=double amount month 1: 1300 euro + 20 euro handling fee) + (660€/m X 4 months)
= 1320 euro + 2640 euro
= 3960€

In case you staying a full year: you should count= €660 x 13 = 8580 EUR

As soon as the final amount has been confirmed you will need to send it to the account of LUCA  School of Arts. Once the due total amount has been transferred to the LUCA account, the Admissions office will issue an official statement on behalf of the Belgian Embassy / Consulate which will be dealing with the student's visa application. At the start of each month, LUCA's Financial Department will transfer 640,00 EUR to the student's Belgian bank account. Upon arrival, It is strongly advised to open a Belgian bank account as soon as possible after arrival.

Sending Money

Please send the money to the account of LUCA School of Arts, Koningsstraat 328,1030 Brussel and clearly mention your name + your degree programme+campus location as reference code.

IBAN: BE31 4252 0317 2155
Bank address: KBC Brussels Turn & Taxis, Opzichterstraat 1, 1080 Brussel, Belgium.

Need more information?

The procedure is explained in detail through the website of the University of Leuven, the associated university for LUCA School of Arts. 

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