Between the Fiction and Me

Annelies Desmet, Isolde Vanhee, Ine Meganck, Esther Venrooij

Umwelten of Artists and Architects

What does the ecosystem of art and architecture look like? What triggers the act of creating? And which role do sensory cues, environmental factors and interdisciplinary exchanges play in this?
With the research project 'Umwelten in Art and Architecture'the authors sought to formulate a response to such questions. An important starting point were the theories of the Baltic biologist Jacob von Uexküll, who in 1934, came up with the concept of the Umwelt as a means to assess man and animal's behaviour, their world of experience and their capacity to act.

ISBN-13: 9789492574077

366 pages, paperback, illustrated, English

Grafische Cel, 2018

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