User ID and Password and MFA

After registration, you will receive an email at your private email address with the final login information (r number). Your LUCA username always starts with an r followed by 7 digits.  From now on, this is your username to log in to all applications and you may forget your b-account.

You will also find in the mail a link to activate your login. Follow this link and choose a personal password. Your account is now activated. 

New students should additionally secure their account via multifactor authentication (MFA) with the KU Leuven Authenticator app. During November 2023, MFA will become mandatory for all other students.  More info via this link.
After activating your student account, your file will be processed and you will have access to your mailbox, Toledo, etc. This processing may take up to 48 hrs, so please wait before trying to log into the applications.

Have you forgotten your password ? You can request an activation code via this link.

Any questions or problems regarding your login ? Or did you not receive the mail with login information, then you can contact our IT helpdesk (see below).

E-mail for Students

After registration, you will receive an e-mail address ( Your e-mail will be available a few days after your final registration. You can make a one-time request to change your name in your email address through the education administration department.

Surf to to access your LUCA emails. (LUCA works closely with KU Leuven for the IT facilities. Because of this, you will see the KU Leuven logo at the top of your new mailbox).

If you also want to install the new apps on your computer, tablet or smartphone : 

  • Step 1 - Install office (including Outlook & Onedrive) on your device or use another mail app.
  • Step 2 - Configure your mail app. Attention ! When the configuration asks for an email address, use ! This is not an email address but a way of logging in.  

It is not possible to set up a forward from the mailbox to other mailboxes. However, you can configure your mailbox in a mail program of your choice & then set a rule to forward mail to another mail address.

Should you encounter problems, you can contact the ICT helpdesk at

Make sure you read your emails! Official communication comes through this way.

What happens to your mailbox when you leave the college?

When you leave the college - e.g., because you are no longer registered for the new academic year as a student - your email address and associated Onedrive/Teams also immediately disappear.


You have access to wireless internet (Campusroam and Eduroam) on all LUCA campuses and many other places in Belgium.

Campusroam is accessible for students, staff, and visitors. If possible, try to connect with Campusroam instead of Eduroam. Visitors can also access Campusroam by requesting an account through or +32 (0) 2 250 11 11.

How can you connect to the network?

Toledo and KU Loket


Teachers might direct you to their courses on Toledo during class. On Toledo you can find slides, extra information, links, discussions, etc. ; it's a supplement to your classes.  Enrolment for Toledo courses happens automatically via KU Loket (ISP), or in some cases also via the Toledo enrolment module. The education administration will use Toledo to communicate with you.

Go to Toledo.

KU Loket

Go to KU Loket.

Academic Software

LUCA School of Arts has entered into an agreement with Academic Software. Through you can download Adobe, antivirus software and additional education software. Depending on your program, this may or may not be included in your additional tuition costs (available from the start of the academic year)

M365 (Office & Onedrive)

LUCA offers its staff and students a free license of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. We are partnering with KU Leuven for this. 

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise is part of Microsoft 365 and includes the suite of Office applications, for use on desktop, online and via mobile devices.

You can access your M365 environment via

More info and (installation) guides can be found at Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

OneDrive for Enterprise is also part of this license. OneDrive is an online storage space where you can store files. The files can be accessed from different devices, such as PCs, tablets or smartphones, and from any location. These files can be synchronized with a local folder. It is also possible to share documents with others and work together with colleagues or fellow students on the same document. Every LUCA employee and student has their own OneDrive environment with 2 TB (or 2000 GB) of storage space. 

More info and (installation) manuals can be found at OneDrive for Business

What happens to your Onedrive when you leave college?

When you leave LUCA, your LUCA account is also closed. As a result, you will no longer have access to the Microsoft 365 applications, including Teams & OneDrive.
Plan in advance: it is important to save the OneDrive files you want to keep in an alternative location in advance. There are several options for this:

  • Through web access, you can download and save all files and folders, such as on a USB drive.
  • You can use OneDrive client to synchronize the files in your OneDrive to a local folder, on your device. After your LUCA account is closed, the synchronization will no longer work. However, you will retain access to the files in your local folder.


1.    Load print credit online at (log in with your LUCA login, choose print credit top-up in the left menu, follow the steps for an online payment)
2.    Send your print job to KULeuvenBlack or KULeuvenColor
   a.    From any device via (pdf or word documents only)
   b.    From a public PC on campus.
3.    Use your student card to collect the prints

Rates per page :
Black : A4 - 0.05 €, A3 - 0.10 €.
Color : A4 - 0.15 €, A3 - 0.30 €.

Buying a Computer?

You can purchase a new Windows laptop with an educational discount. If you prefer a Mac, you can consult Campusshop or  Apple Shop for a discount.

Viruses and Spyware

A virus scanner is a must if you access the internet on your computer. LUCA offers McAfee Total Virus Defense. Students and teachers can download this program free of charge (login with your r-number). Be careful when opening emails and attachments. Make sure to back up your data regularly!

Contact LUCA Helpdesk

  • Send an e-mail to 
  • For urgent problems, call +32 (0) 2 250 11 11. 
  • Openings hours: workdays 9 am - 4 pm.