Vincent Caers: Living Scores Live - towards an extended and interdisciplinary contemporary percussion performance

Doctoral Project

Vincent Caers, PhD in the Arts

Living Scores Live explores how a profound learning trajectory may result into creating an extended performance of contemporary percussion repertoire. The first research phase aims at detecting which musical processes are difficult to perceive in a pure auditive performance. It then investigates how these processes could be clarified by adding non-auditive extensions to the performance in order to reinforce the concert experience. The second research phase applies this knowledge in selected contemporary percussion repertoire, thus creating an extended performance of these compositions. Based on these extended performances the third research phase examines the possibilities of new concert formats for contemporary percussion. In doing so, LS Live looks at interdisciplinary performances in both the classical as wel as in the non-classical contemporary music scene and detects how - elements out of - these worlds might be inspirational for a new approach to the contemporary percussion repertoire. Starting from specific cases LS Live aims at developing an innovative learning trajectory for contemporary music, focusing on the total experience of the artistic process in the performance.


  • Dr. Piet Swerts (supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
  • Mr. Tom De Cock (co-supervisor, writer)

Research Unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2016 - 2022