Evert Van Eynde: Creating audio for moving image: a synergistic approach to composition, performance and production

Doctoral Project

Evert Van Eynde, PhD in the Arts

In my own art practice, can a synergistic approach to composition, performance and production make my profile evolve into that of a ‘music creator’, for whom these three disciplines are fully merged? Through the creation of audio for moving image, I will investigate how this approach influences and enriches each of the three different disciplines as well as the artistic outcome.
Central to this viewpoint are the processes of hearing, listening and imagining sound: for me personally these never ended at the performance, but went further on - thus, traditionally, covering the productional part of the creative process.
As a preparatory work in the research process, a number of case studies will be performed on certain works that were created using a synergistic approach. These works were made by artists who fit the profile of a ‘music creator’.
Then, each separate discipline in the specific field of the creation of library music will be defined.
As for composition, this concerns specific compositional approaches, synthesizer and virtual instrument programming, and sound design. As for performance, this concerns research into alternative control surfaces and devices that change or adapt the sound of a ‘traditional’ instrument; and the role of the performer, interpreting the composition. As for production, in addition to all of the above except the role of the performer, this concerns specific approaches for
production for screen and production as a creative discipline.
Secondly, I will perform experiments. During the first year of my research, I will create at least six library pieces, each in three different ways: firstly, I will assume and merge the roles of composer, performer and producer during the whole course of the creative process; secondly, I will assume the roles of composer, performer and producer, but I will keep the roles separated during the course of the creative process; and thirdly, I will assume the role of composer and hire musicians
and one or more producers for performance and production of the compositions. I will repeat these experiments every year during my research. For all three approaches of each composition, every year again, I will start from the same basic material.
As one of the results of this research, a pilot course will be developed about the synergistic approach to composition, performance and production. The purpose of this course will be to educate the full spectrum of the musical potential of ‘music creators’, making them better prepared for a part of the market.


  • Dr. Jeroen D'hoe (supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
  • Dr. Carl Van Eyndhoven (co-supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)

Research unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2020 - 2024