Gabriel Molist Sancho: Write Me a Panel. An experimental study and practice on the contemporary uses of text in comics.

Doctoral Project

Gabriel Molist Sancho, PhD in the Arts

Despite the fact that most comics have text, the comic is regarded as a medium of visual storytelling, with words taking a backseat to images. In WRITE ME A PANEL, I intend to further explore the uses, functions and possibilities of text and words in comics by studying previous attempts to experiment with text, and develop some experiments myself. There are four different ways in which text functions in comics: as the representation of a character’s thoughts or speech; as narration; as a pictorial element; or as the representation of sonic events. My goal in WRITE ME A PANEL is to look into these functions, develop a theoretical framework to analyse the different functions of text in comics, study experimental uses of text in comics and other (related) media, and at the same time create my own ways of handling text and narrative in comic books.


  • Dr. Isolde Vanhee (supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
  • Mr. Thierry Vanhasselt (co-supervisor, Frémok)

Research Unit: Image

Duration: 2018 - 2022