Koen Broucke: ‘The rosy gloom of battle overhead’, An artistic research into the atmospheric layers of history

Doctoral Project

Koen Broucke, PhD in the Arts

The battle is a very complex, almost elusive historical fact. In order to get a better understanding an interaction is needed between the study of the sources (texts and images) and a study of the battlefield as physical space (by walking). The synthesis between both can be found by drawing. In my doctoral research this drawing and intuitive method that I have developed in the course of my artistic practice will be explicated.


  • Prof. dr. Johan Tollebeek (supervisor, KU Leuven)
  • De heer Tom Van Imschoot (co-supervisor, LUCA/KU Leuven)
  • Prof. dr. Thierry Lagrange (co-supervisor, KU Leuven)

Research Unit: Image
Duration: 2014-2020