Sports & Culture

Do you have a subscription to a sports club? Bring your original proof of registration to Stuvo Brussels or Ghent and we pay you back 20%  (up to a maximum of €40).This offer cannot be combined with other Stuvo advantages.

Get out of your room and start to do sports with your fellow students!
Stuvo organizes cultural and sporting excursions! Check our posters, Toledo and Facebook regularly. 

- Yoga @ Yogini: Stuvo sells  a voucher at €15 which you can use 5 times to participate in a yoga class, at Yogini Yoga Studio which is a short walk away from the campus. Maximum 2 vouchers per student per academic year. There are also yoga classes in English!

- Swimming: Stuvo gives a reduction on the swimming voucher of the city of Gent (good for 11 times swimming). Instead of €17 you only pay €12.

- Gent runs: fancy running but you don’t feel like doing it by yourself? Gent  organizes running sessions for beginners and  for the more experienced ones. Thanks to Stuvo you only pay €15 instead of €26,5.

- Cinema @ Studio Skoop: at Stuvo you can get a ticket for a movie at Studioskoop cinema and pay only €3. You can choose any movie you want. Tickets can only be used from Monday until Thursday. Maximum purchase of 2 tickets per student per academic year.

-Cinema @ Sphinx: at Stuvo you can get a ticket for a movie at Sphinx cinema for only €3. You can choose any movie you want. Maximum purchase of 2 tickets per student per academic year.

- Culture @ Campo: get your ticket at stuvo for a theatre or dance performance at Campo at your choice for the price of €5. Don’t forget to make a reservation on forehand! Maximum 2 tickets per student per academic year.

- Music @ Democrazy: enjoy the best pop & rock concerts of Democrazy in Gent and buy your ticket at Stuvo (with an extra discount of €5 on top of the student rate)! Check the data and locations of the concerts on our FB-page or posters!

- Stuvo workshops: during the academic year stuvo organizes all kinds of workshops. Check and like our Facebookpage to keep informed of our activities. 

Studentensport Limburg offers exclusive sport programs to students of campus C-Mine. With the sport card (€20) you can participate to different activities for a very cheap price. You can also swim for free in Genk and Hasselt and buy cheap tickets at the reception for climbing, ice skating and squash. Do you love culture or do you want to explore more? Do you want to see a music show, theater or an exhibition? Use the free BILL-card and purchase cheap tickets! Every student of LUCA, C-Mine gets this card! Stuvo also organizes several cultural activities: from a free movie at Kinepolis Hasselt to very cheap tickets for a musical in Antwerp or an opera in Brussels. Check the infoboards and Toledo for more information!

Sports & Culture

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