Gert-Jan Dreessen

Gert-Jan Dreessen
  • Teaches jazz drums and rhythm classes at LUCA School of Arts 
  • Lived, studied and gained recognition in New York City
  • Awarded by Belgian American Educational Foundation, Merit (US) Scholarship and Flemish government. 
  • Worked with Logan Richardson, Jacky Terasson, Bram De Looze, Jakob Bro, Joshua Redman, Tomer Cohen, Bert Joris, Cooper Grodin, Matthew Corozine and more
  • Leader of several original projects: Gert-Jan Dreessen Quartet, “Dimensions” ft. string quartet, Gert-Jan Dreessen: “Private Jungle” (soloproject) 
  • Versatile musician known for his interest in traditional and contemporary (jazz) music, classical music, electronics and hybrid drumming, odd meters and more
  • Composer and arranger for several (original) projects
  • Sideman various (inter-)national ensembles

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