Kevin Houben

  • Teaches Orchestration and Instrumentation at LUCA School of Arts
  • Is a renowned conductor, worked with various professional orchestras and ensembles during recordings and concerts all over the world 
  • Since the completion of his studies, his music has become a favorite in the repertoire of various orchestras in Europe, America, Australia and Japan
  • Winner of the Sabam prize and audience award at the 2nd Concours International de composition pour orchestra de Comines-Warneton in 2003. Won the first prize at the European EBBA competition in 2006, the third prize and the audience award during the 2009 edition and winner of the WASBE Composer Competition (US) in 2019
  • In 2017 his first Symphony was premiered by the National Orchestra of Belgium and he works as orchestrator since the 2015 edition of Tomorrowland
  • Won VLOH 2019 (National Championship) with the windband Koninklijke Harmonie Peer 
  • Followed a specially-designed program at the Los Angeles Conducting Institute (LACI) at Caltech for advanced and developing conductors in 2019