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Narrative Experiences '24

Talks, lezingen en congressen

In these series of guest lectures, narrativity is analyzed through a wide In these series of guest lectures, narrativity is analyzed through a wide range of perspectives with speakers coming from journalism, installation and visual arts, festival organisation, and more. Starting from their personal journey, they will explain why  the experience that is elicited by the narrative is key, and  often calls for cross-disciplinary ways of working.  

Guest lectures are free and open to all. 

The lecture start at 14h, end at 16h and will be followed by a break and a Q&A with a restricted audience of students  (3BA students of Graphic Storytelling and Media and Information design)

Sandy Claes, Guillaume Slizewicz or Johan Stuyck will moderate the lecture and discussion afterwards. 

15 February

Guillaume Slizewicz

Introduction to the course


22 February

Maarten Vanhoof

Data visualisation and storytelling


 29 February

Camilla Colombo

Curation and Art/Science project


7 March

AMathilde Bedouet

Animation and short movies


14 March

Jan De Coster

Interactive installations and robots


21 March

Charlotte Maher

Journalism and open source investigation


18 April

Fredo De Smet

Technology and Festival Organisation


25 April

Joris Mertens

Comic books and Roman Graphiques

2 May Roland Meyer Storytelling and Image synthesis / AI images Online