1. On the tuition fee

When do I pay the tuition fee and can I pay by credit card?

Upon registration at LUCA, you will receive an invoice for the total amount of the tuition fee. Payment must be made within a few weeks. Paying the fee is only possible by bank transfer.

What is the difference between tuition fee and extra study costs?

The tuition fee is the annual study cost paid for a standard programme of 60 study points per academic year. This fee can differ from programme to programme or for your particular situation (number of credits enrolled, nationality,…)

Besides the tuition fee, students at LUCA also have to pay extra study costs (for the use of goods, facilities and the organization of specific events per academic year). This fee differs between studio's and fluctuates between €200 and €400/academic year.

How much tuition do I have to pay?

You can find a list of tuition fees at LUCA on the following webpage. Please note that some programmes (Music, Erasmus Mundus Master Courses,…) have a considerable higher tuition fee than others. If your programme is not included in this list, then you only have to pay the basic tuition fee. The table about the tuition fees will mention a fixed and variable amount. An example of fee-calculation is explained in detail below.

Do international students have to pay a higher tuition fee?

Non-EEA-students usually pay the same level of tuition fees as EEA-students. Except in the degree programme of Music non-EEA-students have to pay an increased amount. If non-EEA-students in Music have a permanent residence in Belgium (5 years or more) upfront their registration they can be waived from the increased fee.

2. On scholarships

Are Master MIND scholarships offered annually?

The Master Mind scholarship will be supported every year. The call is mostly launched around the beginning of January. The specific scholarship requirements are updated in the course of January/February.

How does the Master MIND scholarship application flow work?

Students have to first apply for an eligible Master programme at LUCA AND participate in the first Master Assessment before being able to apply for the scholarship. You have to go through the LUCA application flow (admission check of diploma, language and artistic screening). Once you’re accepted we’ll ask you to send us your completed Master Mind application during which you are supported by the International Office.

For more detailed information, please read the guidelines here:  https://www.luca-arts.be/en/tuition-fees-and-master-mind-scholarship

Can international students apply for a Flemish Community scholarship?

International students are eligible for a scholarship from the Flemish Community, if they comply with three main requirements:

  • nationality requirement which includes not only nationality type, but also previous (long-term) residence in Belgium prior to your study,
  • study requirement and
  • financial requirement.

More information: https://centenvoorstudenten.be/english/scholarship-flemish-community/ 

! Note that if the nationality conditions are not fulfilled in the first place, study and financial requirements do not matter.

Any further questions? Contact Stuvo (Student services) on your campus.

3. Opening a bank account

Where you open your bank account is your personal choice. Among the best known Belgian banks are ING, KBC, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, Argenta and Citibank. At LUCA we have a bank account with KBC Bank.

You can also open an account from abroad through Nickel which is part of the BNP Paribas Group (only if you already know your (temporary) address in Belgium) or through KBC (maximum 7 days before your arrival in Belgium):

Some students have also (temporarily) been using an online Revolut or Wise account.