On miscellaneous matters 

How can I look for housing in Belgium?

Start your search for housing in Belgium on time and check the Housing page of the Student Services for more information on housing.

Always be aware of internet fraud and, if possible, book a hostel or hotel before you come to Belgium to continue your search for long-term accommodation locally.

Where can I find an estimate of the cost of living in Belgium?

Please consult this webpage of our associated university KU Leuven to get an idea about the cost of living in Belgium: https://www.kuleuven.be/english/life-at-ku-leuven/money-matters/cost-of-living-in-belgium .

I want to go back home for the holidays. Where can I find an overview of academic activities?

You can find the academic & holidays calendar at: https://www.luca-arts.be/en/academic-calendar. Keep in mind that this is the general academic calendar of the School of Arts. Each faculty, campus or programme may have an additional calendar.
Moreover, the student is responsible for obtaining official information and for complying with all necessary requirements in order to travel (travel permits, passport, residence permit, insurance, etc).