Visa and residence permits

LUCA School of Arts kindly welcomes all international students. In preparing your travel to Belgium, people with a foreign nationality may need the following documents: a visa/entry document and a residence permit. Students don’t need a work permit for student jobs. Also, students who wish to bring along family members during their stay in Belgium are subjected to procedures which depends on your nationality, the intended time of stay and your status.

Which specific documents you need, and how to apply for them, depends thus on your situation.

As member of the KU Leuven association LUCA School of Arts can rely on the expertise of KU Leuven University, so for more information on visa, residence documents , family reunion and work permits we kindly refer to the very detailed Immigration and Residence webpages of KU Leuven:

Important note: if you have specific questions or inquiries, please contact first and foremost and not KU Leuven Admission Office!!