de Carré, alexianenplein 1, 9000 Gent

Art & polarization


Our society seems more divided than ever on how to live and act in a world that is facing major ecological, social and political challenges. Should artists take sides? Or is this merely adding to the pile? And what’s brewing in the laboratories of artistic research in response to these troubling times?

Running up to the PhD seminar 'Art & Polarization' on Thursday May 16 (2-6pm) with a keynote lecture by Vid Simoniti (author of 'Artists Remake the World: A Contemporary Art Manifesto', 2023), a plurality of artists, researchers, and art students welcome you to an eponymous, small-scale exhibition. 'Art & Polarization' explores the stretch between artistic freedom and activism, the need for dissensus and the potential to reconnect, the desire to speak with one voice and the search for a personal poetics that leaves room for ambiguity and inconclusiveness.