C-Accelerate is focused on increasing the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in higher education in the fields of the arts and creative practices. It brings together five European Higher Education Institutes & partners that provide Entrepreneurial Education to students by sharing expertise:

  • Aalto University
  • LUCA School of Arts
  • Tallinn University, Baltic Film, Media and Arts School
  • Institute of Art, Design + Technology Dún Laoghaire
  • Universidade Lusófona
  • FilmEU, European Universities Alliance for Film and Media Arts
  • Aaltoes

All partners work towards incrementally improving the degree to which entrepreneurship is included within the core ecosystem of the future European University and to which innovation is central in its consolidation.


In 2022 the C-Accelerate project was launched and LUCA School of Arts partnered up with four other Higher Education Institutes (HEI): BFM - Tallinn University, Lusófona University LisbonDún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology Dublin and Aalto University. All those HEI partners have strong expertise and participation in different KICs, along with several industry and public organisations. The five institutions have a joined partnership with AaltoES (Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, the most active student-run entrepreneurship society in Europe). Together, the consortium will work towards incrementally improving the degree to which entrepreneurship is included within the core ecosystem of the future European University and to which innovation is central in its consolidation.

All project partners are deeply involved in developing and promoting entrepreneurial activity and seek to put this at the centre of the future European University. LUCA takes part as consortium member of FilmEU, together with Aalto University and all other full and associated partners, these institutions will collaborate around the common objective of promoting entrepreneurial education, innovation, and research activities in the multidisciplinary field of the cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI).

Building on the partners’ HEInnovate self-assessments, existing KIC expertise and FilmEU-established portfolio of educational and entrepreneurial initiatives, C-Accelerate presents an ambitious Innovation Vision Action Plan geared towards the partner’s long-term vision.

C-Accelerate covers four related dimensions that represent the pillars of the project: entrepreneurial education, project development and business acceleration, support structures for creativity and knowledge transfer, and collaboration and institutional engagement. These four pillars articulate the actions the project proposes across the knowledge triangle.

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C-Accelerate is the proposal of FilmEU, Aalto University (project coordinator), and AaltoES. C-Accelerate will accelerate the role of creative communities through the exploration of entrepreneurial education and radical creativity within European education, through training, capacity building, and the development of new tools and processes.

Building on Aalto's experience such as in its leading International Design Business Management Masters, and closely integrated with the work of FilmEU in its Erasmus Mundus postgraduate programmes and a range of entrepreneurial and industry-related projects in the participating institutions, C-Accelerate will over two years strengthen the innovation potential of the HEIs, and deepen and develop links with key associated partners, including municipalities, enterprises, and investors.

This new project is one of a set of initiatives funded by the EIT, which has as its goal that higher education institutions develop and implement action plans to improve their entrepreneurial and innovation capacity across all institutional levels. The EIT, founded in 2008, brings together leading business, education, and research organisations to form dynamic cross-border partnerships, dedicated to finding solutions to specific global challenges.

LUCA, part of C-Accelerate

LUCA has the lead in work package 7 (WP7) that facilitates the communication and dissemination of the C-Accelerate project. Together with representatives from the other High Education Institutes Partners. 

Project members for LUCA School of Arts:

  • Veerle Van der Sluys (member of the board)
  • Marc Van De Walle (project coordinator)
  • Christa Vandersmissen (project support)
  • Heleen Van Loon (lecturer Entrepreneurship)
  • Jan Louis De Bruyn (lecturer Entrepreneurship and Pitch Please business coach)
  • Ellen Verhegge (communication officer)


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