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LUCA School of Arts is the only university college in Flanders exclusively dedicated to art and design. The art school combines the strengths and expertise of five renowned Flemish higher education institutions for art and design, spread across Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven.


  • 4 Master’s degree programmes taught in ENGLISH: Visual Arts (specializations in Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Photography), Audiovisual Arts (specializations in Animation Film and Film), Music and Textile Design. 
    For all other Master’s degree programmes ENGLISH is the official language of instruction. More info
  • Exhange students The courses offered to exchange students vary depending on the specialisation and campus you choose. More info
  • Bachelor and Master degrees with 29 different specialisations in DUTCH
    Dutch is the official language of instruction. 
    Consequently, all of our bachelor's programmes are completely organized in Dutch. The required level of Dutch is level B2. More info

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LUCA merges the educational expertis of five renowned institutes (Sint-Lukas, Narafi, C-mine, Sint-Lucas and Lemmens) in four different cities.

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International Degree programmes

Taught in English

Duration: 1 year (60 credits) or 2 year (120 credits)

Graduation: Awarding with diploma.


A degree student is a student registered at LUCA for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, for which the student, if successfully having passed all the courses, obtains an official diploma.

International Exchange programmes

Taught in English

Duration: 1 semester (30 credits) or 1 year (60 credits)

Graduation: Academic results will be sent to your university abroad.


An exchange student is a student who officially remains registered in a university or other institution for higher education in the student’s home country and who is temporarily living and studying in a foreign country to attend courses or other academic activities.

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More about our research in the arts programme:



For twenty years, LUCA School of Arts and KU Leuven have been working together to build an academic space for research in the arts. The Associated Faculty of the Arts at KU Leuven has given this research its own place since 2020. Artistic research became a permanent part of the university's broad research range. At the same time, the faculty guarantees the individuality of the arts with its associate status.

All faculty members have dual affiliations. They combine a teaching assignment within LUCA with a research assignment at KU Leuven. The doctoral program in the arts is the only one organized by the faculty itself. The bachelor's and master's programs remain embedded in the School of Arts. This translates into as a website for information about artistic research, the doctoral training, the research units and the researchers. And on the other hand, remains the website for students and their courses.

LUCA and KU Leuven, faculty and School of Arts thus form an inseparable unity, with which we put higher art education and artistic research on the map in Brussels and Flanders, Europe and the world.