Doubts? Did you start an education programme at LUCA School of Arts with a lot of enthousiasm and excitement. However, along the way you start feeling that the programme does not fully meet your expectations and you might think about stopping your studies. Maybe you already have another education programme in mind or you want to start working instead. Whatever your choice might be, make sure that you are well informed about the steps that you can or need to take. 

Consult the learning path counsellor(s) for more information on a possible reorientation or deregistration (and the social implications it might have) before you make a final decission!

Official deregistration

Official deregistration is required if you decide to stop your studies at LUCA School of Arts.

Deregistration is done by completing the deregistration form, followed by handing in your student card and possibly other badges or material on loan from LUCA. Preferably drop by at the Education Administration (during opening hours) to deliver these items. If not possible, please send the items by postal mail to the campus address where you were registered. You will receive a proof of deregistration.

Implications for your learning account

Before 1 December

If officially deregistered before 1 December, you will regain all used credits with the exception of the course units for which the examination committee has already decided on the results. 

Between 1 December and 15 March

If officially deregistered between 1 December and 15 March, you will not regain the used credits for all first semester courses and year courses. You will however regain the credits of the second semester courses. 

After 15 March

If officially deregistered after 15 March, you will not regain any used credits (not for the first semester, second semester or year course units). 

Special regulation for generation students

Generation students* who deregister and switch to another education programme (at LUCA or another institution) between 1 December and 20 December, will regain half of the credits for the course units of the first semester and the year course units. This on the condition that the examination committee did not yet decide on the results for these course units and that the student is officially registered for another education programme before 15 March. 

More information on the learning account is to be found on the website of the Flemisch government.

*Generation students are enrolled for a bachelor's programme for the first time.

Credit contract

If you deregister as a student with credit contract, all used credits are definitely lost.

Financial implications

Tuition fee

Until 1 November: the administrative cost (fixed amount) is withheld.
Between 1 November and 1 March: the administrative cost (fixed amount) is withheld + half of the fee per registered credit is withheld
As of 1 March: the complete registration fee is owed and there is no longer any refund.

Additional costs

Until 1 November: 80% of the amount is refunded.
Between 1 November and 1 March: half of the amount is refunded.
As of 1 March: no refund.


There will be a refund for the sports card and the culture card, but not for the bus pass.

Questions about your student statute after your deregistration?

Contact your social service on your campus: