CORONA-update (7/3/2022)

Finally code yellow!

The Belgian government decided to switch to "code yellow".  The LUCA School of Arts follows this easing, but with some cautiousness.

Mouth mask recommended
As of Monday 7 March, wearing a mouth mask in our buildings is no longer required. However, we still recommend it, especially in smaller rooms or one-to-one settings.
Vulnerable people and anyone who feels uncomfortable are advised to wear an FFP2 mask. With this mask, you protect yourself well. Anyone who has (mild) symptoms but is still on campus, or had a risky contact, should wear a mask.
In this stage, we will continue to combine contact teaching with recorded and/or live streaming of teaching activities. This allows those who must be quarantined to attend as many classes as possible. At the same time, we remain cautious about the occupancy rate in the classrooms.

The virus has not disappeared

As the preventive and protective measures in society are disappearing, our responsibility becomes all the more crucial. Because the virus has not vanished. The rate of infection among those who get tested is still high. That's the reason why we have to remain on the alert. Get tested if you notice any symptoms. Respect quarantine and isolation measures.
I sincerely hope that as the corona infections are decreasing, this will give you renewed energy.  I would like to ask attention for those who are struggling and for those for who this long pandemic has left some tangible scars.  
Take care of yourself, of each other and especially of the more vulnerable in society.

Simon Van Damme

General director

Are you infected or ill? 
If you have any symptoms of corona infection, stay at home. Contact your doctor or fill in the questionnaire. If you test positive, you must of course follow the guidelines regarding quarantine and/or COVID tests (these differ depending on your vaccination status). In case of a positive test, report this to LUCA:
For students and staff via: https://associatie.kuleuven.be/diensten/informatie/corona/luca/covid19-form-luca/view
We no longer organize active contact tracing but the reports are registered and followed up to take appropriate measures if necessary. It is therefore important that, in the case of an infection, you pass on the names of any close contacts on campus to Flemish Contact tracing and Mijngezondheid.be