FilmEU audio-visual team

A FilmEU AV Team member is a student from LUCA who is part of the international audio-visual team of FilmEU. This AV team consists of students from all partner institutions. A FilmEU ambassador is active on a national and international level and is expected to collaborate with fellow students and partner institutions in general. As an ambassador, you will be part of FilmEU-related events like Cineclubs, FilmEU Talks, Summit, conferences, etc. throughout the academic year.


Join the FilmEU Audiovisual Team for 2024-2025:

Who are we looking for?

Are you a bachelor's or master's student at LUCA pursuing a degree in audiovisual arts? Seize this opportunity to enrich your studies by joining FilmEU - European University. This role can be perfectly combined with your studies. You'll work from 1 October 2024 until 30 June 2025, approximately 3 hours a week (equal to 117 working hours or about one day per month), compensated at the LUCA student job rate.

What is FilmEU?

FilmEU is a leading European University focusing on audiovisual and media arts, with European standards and values at its core. Essentially, it represents the future of higher education within Europe!

As a member of the FilmEU AV team, you will collaborate with seven other partner institutions:

  • LUCA School of Arts Belgium
  • Universidade Lusófona Portugal
  • Intitute of Art, Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire Ireland
  • Tallinn University, Baltic Film, Media and Arts School Estonia
  • Via University College, Denmark
  • Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Lithuania
  • National Academy voor Theater and Film, Bulgaria • The Academy of Performing Arts, Slovakia

More information:

What is your role?

Together with your colleagues from the specified partner institutions, you will form the audiovisual team of FilmEU. As members of the FilmEU AV team, you represent the student voice within this European University of audiovisual and media arts. You'll connect through Microsoft Teams/Discord and actively contribute to enhancing FilmEU's presence on the map. Internally, you will receive support from FilmEU – LUCA staff members. Your responsibilities include:

  • Technical support at events such as Cineclubs and FilmEU Talks, the yearly FilmEU summit, ...
  • Developing and spreading social media campaigns
  • Acting as the face of FilmEU (ambassador).

Specific competences as personas:

At FilmEU, we welcome students with diverse skills and interests. Discover if one of our four personas fits you:

  1. Camera-photographer: Are you skilled in operating a camera, with a good eye for image composition, lighting, and sound? Then this role is for you! We seek students with some experience in the audiovisual field who can work independently and are willing to help and learn from others.
  2. Graphic Designer / Animation Maestro: Are you proficient in visual design and passionate about social media? If you are good at typography and creating English captions, this role is tailor-made for you. We are looking for creative talent that can independently produce content for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. As an animation film student or someone experienced in animation and motion design, you will enjoy enhancing presentations and videos with your unique animations and motion graphics. This position offers the chance to develop your creative and technical skills in a dynamic international team.
  3. Montage Magician: Do you have some experience and can you efficiently edit? You will be responsible for editing various projects within FilmEU, including interviews, recaps, and reels for social media...
  4. Camera-director/DOP: Do you love devising audiovisual concepts (script writing) and the filmmaking process? If you have some set experience and a sound knowledge of lighting and sound, this directorial role might suit you. You are also open to guiding and supporting others who may lack this experience.

As the working language is English, we expect all candidates to have a good knowledge of the language. If you match one or more of the personas, do not hesitate and apply before Sunday 16 June 2024!

How to apply?

Interested or/and having questions? Contact or send the following two documents to but not later then Sunday 16 June 2024 (23:59) - deadline.

  • Cover Letter (Max. 1 A4): Why do you want to be part of FilmEU and why are you a suitable candidate? Please refer to the listed personas.
  • Portfolio: What are your strengths? We would love to see some examples of your visual work.

Selection Procedure:

  1. Evaluation of Portfolios: Starting on 17 June 2024, we will begin the assessment of the submitted portfolios. You will be informed about your selection for an interview that week.
  2. Selection Interview: On Thursday 20 June 2024 between 13:30 and 16:00, the selection interviews will take place with the FilmEU AV team coordinators from LUCA. You will receive further details about the interviews if you are selected.