Marina Kazakova launches the publication Symphonism

Marina Kazakova enters into a dialogue with Bart Dewolf about the strategy of translating a lyric poem into drawings

(c) Юля Оломская

This conversation between Marina Kazakova and Bart Dewolf gives invaluable insights into the creative thinking of the two artists and a thorough reflection upon their recent research on how to express lyric poetry in drawing. The focus of their experiment spans from the investigation of the phenomena of symphonism in various arts to the attempt to use symphonism as a translation strategy, with the ultimate aim of deriving more general vision of the relevance of symphonism in our present-day post-symphonic age. Marina's obsessive thinking about how to translate lyric poetry into other audio-visual mediums finds unique expression in this art-based research currently executed at LUCA School of Arts / KU Leuven.

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