The Teacher Education Academy for Music. Future-Making, Mobility and Networking in Europe (TEAM) is funded with €1.5 million

LUCA is since June 2023 part of a new EU (co-)funded project called TEAM. The Teacher Education Academy for Music. Future-Making, Mobility and Networking in Europe!

With a grant of €1.5 million the European Union is funding the project TEAM -Teacher Education Academy for Music. Future-Making, Mobility and Networking in Europe in the program Erasmus+ Teacher Academies. As one of 16 new projects in this strand TEAM will strengthen the network for music education in schools, and initial as well as continuous music teacher education institutions, foster mobility and provide future-making material for music education. TEAM is a pan-European collaborative research and development network working closely with the European Association for Music in School (EAS). It aims to reshape initial and continuous music teacher education (MTE) and school music education (ME) in Europe according to the current needs of music teacher professionalization, digitization, intercultural learning, future viability, sustainability and social coherence. TEAM plans to achieve this by developing evident-based future-making music education OERs (sustainability, democratization, digitalization) for initial and continuous MTE, by strengthening mobility for initial music teacher education with a special focus on high-quality school internships abroad with intercultural mentoring. Mappings of ME and MTE will offer evidence and ease further collaboration in the future. The TEAM Learning Outcomes will sum up the knowledge from all TEAM findings and develop this into a useful curricular policy paper to advocate for high quality in ME/MTE in European Countries. TEAM takes a broad approach at various points in order to tackle the current problems of the subject of music in Europe and to create a dynamic of change. It will therefore foster a music education network in Europe in the long term. A close relationship with European music associations from the very beginning guaranties that TEAM can continue to have an effect even after the project has ended. 15 partner institutions (training schools, initial and continuous MTE institutions) from 12 European countries with a high level of expertise in the necessary areas will work together flanked by a large number of Associated Partners from the 12 consortium countries as well as from 12 further European countries and music-related European NGOs.

The project will run from June 2023 to May 2026 and is coordinated by the University of Potsdam.