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The Belgian Health Care system 

All residents in Belgium, Belgian nationals or otherwise, are required by law to have an insurance which covers their health care

Having a health insurance is also one of the conditions for international students who want to obtain a residence permit in Belgium.  

This can either be 

  • a private medical insurance which covers their study stay in Belgium
  • or; a document (such as  EHIC, GHIC, Medicare, ...) which proves that they will benefit from coverage in Belgium through their public health insurer in their own country
  • or; a proof of affiliation with a Belgian health insurance fund.  

EEA nationals

You can use your European Health Insurance Card or register with a Belgian health insurance fund: 

At LUCA we have a close collaboration with Helan (Flanders) & Partenamut (Brussels).

Read more information for EEA students on the website of our partner institution KU Leuven. 

Non-EEA nationals who are self-supporting
students whose scholarship does not include health insurance

If you are a national of a country with a (bilateral) health care agreement, you don't need to register with a Belgian health care fund. If you are not a national of one of these countries, you do need to register. 

Read more information for non-EEA nationals on the website of our partner institution KU Leuven.