Digital Remembrance

Laura Schonkeren

Afstudeerproject MA Beeldende Kunsten, Media & Information Design

Digital Remembrance is an exploration of posthumous digital existence, using a unique data artwork as a lens to view a life lived online. This project immortalizes a social media profile, transforming the fleeting and ephemeral into the tangible and enduring. An Instagram profile is translated into creative visual patterns, embodying the user's unique digital footprint. The result is a deeply personal homage to the departed user, encapsulating their digital life and providing a platform for reflection on our online legacies.


Over Laura Schonkeren

I’m a 23 year old Media- and Information design student at Luca School of Arts in Brussels. Digital remembrance was the project I worked on for my Bachelors thesis. I really enjoyed working on this project and am looking forward to getting my masters degree next year, hopefully working on a project with the same passion as I did on this one. 


E-mail: laura.schonkeren@hotmail.com

Instagram: laura_schonkeren