Exchange programmes

You can apply/study at LUCA as an exchange student on condition that there is an active cooperation agreement between the higher education institute (university, school of arts or alike) where you are currently studying and LUCA. You can obtain more information about the cooperation agreements via the International Office at your university or by browsing the LUCA partnership database. If interested in applying but there is no active partnership between your HEI and LUCA, your HEI should reach out to LUCA's international office and hand in the Partnership request form (see down below to download) by one of the two deadlines: March 15 / October 15. After an evaluation, LUCA will reach out regarding the request. 

The courses offered to exchange students vary depending on the specialisation and campus you choose. 

LUCA offers:

  • 5 professional bachelor degree programmes
  • 13 academic bachelor and master degree programmes

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) ECTS in Flanders

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