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PROMPTISM: The Art of Talking with Machines

Humans and AI engage in a conversation and create new images.

In the past year, the frontier between science fiction and everyday technology has blurred. AI generates more and more convincing images and text, reshaping the creative field and education. PROMPTISM shows the joint creations of humans and machines, inspired by the seminal image-maker Dieric Bouts, and the complex conversation which lead them there.

Science fiction is becoming reality. In the past year writers, artists and other creative minds were forced to reinvent themselves. Artificially intelligent applications like Chat GPT, Midjourney, dall-E and Stable Diffusion generate increasingly more convincing texts and images, turning the creative field and art education upside down.

With the exhibit PROMPTISM LUCA School of Arts and BAC ART LAB KU Leuven dive headfirst into this wave of change. Media and Information Design (MIND) students, guided by Guillaume Slizewicz and Prof. Sandy Claes, engaged in a week long conversation between man and machine. The students gave prompts or instructions to artificially intelligent applications, which they constantly refined, based on the images with which the machine responded.

PROMPTISM not only shows you the final image and answer the machine gave. A unique vertical printing robot also brings to life all the dialogues, prompts, experiments and challenges the students encountered along the way.

This exhibit is part of the New Horizons - Dieric Bouts Festival in Leuven. The students were inspired by the pioneering work of Dieric Bouts, the image-maker par excellence.

Participating designers: Laura Smets, Rafaela Costa Orsi, Jimmy Kubo, Elian Coninx, Naël Goeminne, Kate Peleman, Roos Vanbergen, Emma Caers, Julie Vanlook, June Delaet, Fenna Van Meerbeek, Katrijn Vermeesch, Jules Docx, Siebe Goeteyn and Natan Verbelen.

Prompt battle

Want to witness the conversation between humans and machine firsthand? A group of students will compete against each other during a prompt battle on Thursday 30 November (6.00 pm - 10.00 pm): who inspires machines to create the most convincing images?

The prompt battle is based on a concept from the Faculty of Design, HTW Dresden.


from Thursday 16 November until Saturday 9 December
Vital Decosterstraat 102
3000 Leuven



Image: Guillaume Slizewicz.
Font: Bluu Next door Jean-Baptiste Morizot/Velvetyne.

About LUCA.breakout

This project was realized with support from the #LUCAbreakout fund. LUCA School of Arts pools resources to support students, researchers, teachers and employees willing to put LUCA on the map. A central budget provides low-threshold support for well-defined initiatives.