LUCA School of Arts - campus Lemmens
Lemmensberg 3 
3000 Leuven
Chamber Music hall

Chamber Music Evening


During the year, the team of chamber music teachers puts together an exciting programme from concert-ready repertoire.

This evening is conducted by Chin-Cheng Lin

For LUCA, ensemble playing and the formation of chamber music groups has always played a primordial role from the start of the course. The "chamber music evenings" on campus offer students the opportunity to perform highlights of the chamber music repertoire for duos, trios, quartets or quintets on stage, preparing them for professional music life.

For the first Chamber Music Evening of the academic year we will present you the "minimalism's first masterpiece" by Steve Reich – Drumming (1970-71).

Inspired by african music, this work consists four groovy parts by incoporating bongos, marimbas, glockenspiels, singers & piccolo.

If you are a fan of minimalistic music, don’t miss out this unique oppourity.

​Join us for this 75-80 miniutes long minimalistic journey!


Steve Reich: Drumming

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Free for staff and students of LUCA/KSO