Jewish Cultural Quarter, Amsterdam

Lara Bongard: The girl who crossed the river with a tablecloth


In 2019, Lara Bongard was given a hundred-year-old Shabbat tablecloth. It’s all that remains of her East-European grandparents’ Jewish heritage.

Her curiosity awakened, she begins looking into her family’s Jewish history, hoping to find out more about who she is and her place in the world. Her grandparents had never talked about their history with the family. Searching further, she comes to Ukraine and Israel, where she finds traces of the lost world her grandparents left behind.

Lara reinterprets these traces using photos, textile, sound and drawings. She combines these with archive material, mixing in Yiddish stories, symbols and mythology to create a multimedia artwork.


Visit this exhibition at the Art Gallery in the Jewish Museum, Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1 in Amsterdam.


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